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In the event that the District needs to open one or more schools as emergency shelters, we hope to satisfy the majority of staffing needs with employees who indicate interest in working at a shelter.  However, in the event that staffing needs are not met, administrators, professional technical, and NNB staff who did not express interest may be contacted and expected to work.

Administrators, Professional Technical, and NNB Staff:  ALL employees classified as administrators, professional technical, or NNB staff are REQUIRED to serve as representatives, if needed, per our employment contracts. Even if you are not interested in working shelter duty, we advise that you complete all sections of the to include your preferences in the event that the first line of volunteer support of does not satisfy staffing needs.  We will consider preferences to the extent possible.

Employees who believe they qualify for an ADA accommodation that would excuse them from shelter duty should contact Sheila Blue in the Office for Employee Relations at x42679 or sblue@pasco.k12.fl.us

SRP, Temporary, and Guest Teacher Staff:  These employee groups are NOT REQUIRED to serve as representatives at an emergency shelter.    However, all employees are welcome, and we encourage you to complete the if you are interested in working shelter duty!

Shelter Pay: Shelter work will be paid in accordance with Board Policy and the terms within the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week will apply for non-exempt employees in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Shelter Responsibilities: Shelter work can include a wide variety of duties, including but not limited to, registration and intake, dormitory assignments, assisting residents, general clean-up, and animal care. 

Shelter Managers: Shelter managers (e.g. principals of shelter schools) should complete the to provide additional information, such as emergency contacts and family sheltering needs.