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Welcome to the Ҵý Office of Leading and Learning myDevelopment Opportunities website. It is our goal to empower all staff to grow, create, and contribute to an educational learning organization that is dedicated to the community in which we work and the students and families that we serve.  Our district Vision of Instructional Excellence shapes this work. We are the home of World Class Educators!

We encourage you to explore the programs below to learn more about potential opportunities for you to advance your career. The Office of Leading and Learning is committed to providing an extraordinary experience for all Ҵý educators and supporting YOU with the training, support, and tools required to reach your maximum potential, in whatever pathway you choose – teaching, coaching, leading.


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picture of Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez, ESE Support Facilitator, Wesley Chapel Elementary School

"I began my journey in Ҵý county as a first year teacher and the community has proven to be one that drives great leaders. The vast opportunities coined with my passion of excellence have pivoted me to the position of not only a Professional Educator, but also have set me on the path of becoming a Ҵý county leader."

Adam Wolin, Principal, Trinity Elementary School

“In Ҵý, I am part of a collaborative team that has a shared vision of Instructional excellence for all students. Positively impacting the future of our students with an incredible team is why I lead in Ҵý county Schools.”

Harmonie Blankenship, AP Language and Composition & English IV Honors – Teacher, J.W. Mitchell High School

"My ‘why’ for teaching in Ҵý are the relationships I build with my students as well as the trust I have in the Ҵý schools my own children attend."

Reynaldo Sosa, Elementary Teacher, Chester W. Taylor Elementary School

“I am very grateful for the SRP to Teacher program from Ҵý because it has helped me move forward with my career in education. I hope that many other SRP can benefit from this program in the near future!”