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College-Career Specialists & Education

What is our Mission?

College-Career Specialists plan and implement a comprehensive career development program designed to assist all students, parents and staff in Ҵý County High Schools.       

What is our Role?             

College-Career Specialists provide individual and group advisement to assist students in the career and academic exploration and career decision-making process.     


The goal of our work each day is to:

• Assist students in the exploration of post-secondary options

• Identifying and planning appropriate pathways to achieve identified goals

• Provide resources to parents to assist them in planning their student’s future educational and career plans

• Plan for classroom career and college exploration activities

• Serve as a liaison between the school and the community

Career Specialists participate in ongoing professional development to ensure they are providing the most up to date and relevant information to students, parents, and staff regarding employment trends, college advisement, and career exploration.


Career Exploration

Career Academies Ҵý

- Bureau of Labor and Statistics

College Planning

- Big Future

Financial Aid

- Free Application for Federal Student Aid
- Office of Student Financial Assistance -Florida

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