Chasco Elementary Celebrates Unveiling of Inspirational Mural, Fostering School Spirit and Community Values

This post was created on 10/17/2023.

Port Richey, FL - Chasco Elementary School proudly unveiled a new mural today that embodies the principles and values the school thrives by. The mural features the six houses all students and staff belong to, along with their respective mascots:

  • Courage, represented by a red lion
  • Honor, symbolized by an orange eagle
  • Altruism, depicted by a blue dolphin
  • Strength, embodied by a green elephant
  • Creativity, illustrated by a purple otter
  • Optimism, personified by a yellow owl

The mural was painted over the course of two weeks by artists Britt Ford and Nellie Horne, thanks to the generous support from Hub Life Charities and Hub Pro Members through the Tampa Bay Foundation. "We want to inspire kids to be the best they can be every day," said Principal Woodland Johnson. Students, artists, donors, and school officials gathered to celebrate this artistic addition to the school's courtyard.

The Tampa Bay Foundation uplifts the community by instilling pride through art. This mural serves as a testament to their mission and Chasco Elementary's commitment to building a strong school community, inspiring and encouraging students to be the best they can be daily, and promoting the Chasco model.

About Chasco Elementary

Chasco Elementary is a vibrant learning community that encourages students to follow the Chasco model: Courage, Honor, Altruism, Strength, Creativity, and Optimism. The school believes in building a strong community among staff, students, and parents and motivating kids to be their best every day.

About Tampa Bay Foundation

The Tampa Bay Foundation is a non-profit organization that uplifts communities by instilling pride through art. They believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to inspire individuals and communities alike.