Countdown to


Pre-launch checklist!

  1. Locate your neighborhood school
  2. Explore our school choice options
  3. Gather all required documents
  4. Create a Parent Portal account
  5. Plan to visit your school on April 15.
    Your school will contact you with more details.
Launch sequence


  • Help child learn how to use a belt, zipper, and buttons
  • Read books together about starting kindergarten
  • Practice opening lunch items like fruit cups or juice boxes
  • Plan to attend any meetings or camps at your new school


  • Establish a bedtime and morning routine
  • Shop for the items on your school’s supply list
  • Plan to attend your school’s orientation day
  • Alert the school nurse about any allergies or medical needs
  • Create and rehearse your drop-off and pick-up plan


  • Allow plenty of time to get ready and get to school
  • Follow the school guidelines for walking your child to class
  • Have fun and celebrate
    the first day of kindergarten
  • Stay involved with your school throughout the year