R.A.C.E. to Read Ҵý! Read across the county every day

Let's read 15 million minutes this school year! All students and staff can participate! Celebrate with your school!

Image Caption: Number of minutes spent reading: August - 353,138. September - 1,400,856. October - 4,231,618. November - 8,233,568.  Our goal is 15 million minutes by the end of the school year.  


R.A.C.E. to Read top 5 schools (student and staff logged minutes) as of November 26:

  • Longleaf Elementary (699,581)
  • New River Elementary (492,044)
  • Ҵý High School (479,892)
  • Odessa Elementary (426,684)
  • Sanders Memorial Elementary (361,318)

Reading just 30 minutes each day will help us achieve our goal!

Step 1 - Find the Beanstack app on myҴýConnect dashboard
Step 2 - Select the R.A.C.E. to Read Ҵý! challenge
Step 3 - Click "Log Reading" button, start timer or use calendar to log past reading
Step 4 - Enter book title and minutes read, click "Log Reading"



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