Knowledge of bedsores in the Quran

Assalamualaikum and warm greetings to all my readers. My wife has asked me to write something on her I thought I would share with you with this...Its fascinating how the more you read, the more you get closer to the truth and also closer to All Mighty God.

During my rounds in the wards, I would sometimes come across patients having very bad bedsores. As there are always housemans following me during the rounds, I would ask them how did we get to know that by lying on a bed for long durations, it would lead to bedsores? Some would start explaining scientifically and I would just listen.

Before us having this knowledge, All Mighty God has already told us in the Quran,which was revealed to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh, that not to lie flat on our backs for too long. It is crucial that we turn either to the left or right during certain periods of time. This knowledge is obtained from Surah Al Kahfi, verse 18

In this verse, All Mighty God has describe in detail that even these pious men were asleep for hundreds of years, they were turned to the left and to the right by Gods Will. This shows that our Creator knows that if we were to sleep in a certain position for too long, it would cause harm to our bodies. SUbhanallah..

So there you go..some knowledge that God has given to us in the Quran. Maythis knowledge increases our 'Iman' and may we all be granted Jannatul Firdaus..


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