Help!! There's a lump in my breast..

Its every woman's nightmare..To wake up one day and find a lump in your breast.What should you do? start off, you should go and see a doctor and get a proper examination done. The doctor would then ask you several questions pertaining to the lump and also to determine whether you have any risks of getting a breast cancer. Below are the questions that most probably would be asked to you:

1. The duration of having the lump

2. Any nipple discharge

3. Any pain or discomfort at the breast

4. Any back pain

5. Age of menarche

6. Number of children

7 Any family history of breast cancer among siblings/mother

This would then be followed by a physical examination. The doctor would assess the mobility of the lump, check for nipple discharge and also examine both sides of your axilla. The other side of the breast would also be examined. You would then be scheduled for either a mammogram or an ultrasound of the breast depending on your age. After completing the mammogram, a biopsy of the breast lump would then be taken.

You would have to wait for the result before any surgical intervention were to be carried out. If the lump is proven to be a cancer, an operation would have to be done to remove the lump along with the axillary lymph nodes or the whole breast with axillary lymph nodes. Most patients would have to go for chemotherapy post operation.

But most patients that I see in the wards are those that have advanced breast cancer. These patients are those that have gone to traditional healers seeking for a cure besides an operation. And definitely, all would come back with foul smelling , ulcerated breast mass. I have even seen maggots coming out from the wounds!!

- An image of a breast cancer that has grown due to late treatment -

You can even do a breast self examination at home. It is to be done everytime when you have finished your menses. If you were to find any lump, do go and see a medical doctor. Below is a diagram on how to perform a BSE.

I also have got questions from certain patients asking whether there was anything that could reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Well, did you know that studies have found out that by taking adequate amounts of Omega 3, a woman can reduce their risks of getting breast cancer by 20-30%!!

And NO! you can't reduce your risk just by eating fish. Who knows how much of Omega 3 is still in the fishes, not to mention the possibility of harmful substances in these fishes due to pollution. So my advice, just take Omega 3 supplements. Its easy and safe as well. Just make sure you check the amount of Omega 3 in the capsules before purchasing a particular brand.

Health Is Wealth

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