Finally!! My very own blog..

After years of thinking, I finally have decided to start my very own blog. It was difficult as I had ZERO knowledge in blogging and with all the instructions and tips on creating a blog and making it stand out from others, it just put me off..

But anyway, here it is..This blog is about my life as a mother of 4, travelling and of course, how to be healthy.

I love talking to patients and explaining about their diseases but being in a clinic where the number of patients goes up to 100 - 150 per day, I do not have just the time. So maybe this blog would help to provide at least some basic knowledge on certain diseases and how they are treated.

Some of my posts would be in English and some in Bahasa Malaysia, so just bear with me huh..

So..Lets get started!!


Sumber Calcium Terbaik Anda

Nadia Abdul Kadir ID 1003195


About  me..

Seorang doktor dan ibu kepada 4 orang cahaya mata. Berbekalkan dengan ilmu dan pengalaman menyusu anak sendiri sehingga 2 tahun, saya...

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