Lake Myrtle Elementary School Celebrates Foundation Funded Cafeteria Mural Dedication

This post was created on 10/05/2023.

Lake Myrtle Elementary School is delighted to announce the completion of a stunning mural in our cafeteria, generously funded by The Tampa Foundation. This artistic masterpiece represents our school's commitment to character education through our daily Turtle Pledge.

The Turtle Pledge, recited by our students every day, embodies the principles that we strive to instill in every student at Lake Myrtle Elementary:

  • I pledge to be a kid of character;

  • I'll be worthy of trust.

  • I'll be respectful and responsible, doing what I must.

  • I will act in fairness; I'll show I care.

  • I'll be a good citizen and do my share.


As we proudly commemorate our 39th year, The Turtle Pledge, we are excited to showcase this vibrant mural to express our school community's values. Lake Myrtle Elementary School held a mural unveiling ceremony this morning in our cafeteria to mark this momentous occasion.